“Being a Writer…”

E. I .Doctorov very beautifully quoted- ”Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader- not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon. ” So true these words are that suggest that writing is an art and has to come from within. If you are manipulating words, you aren’t writing, you are drafting or fabricating a content. Writing has to be an extract of soul on paper. Writing has to be your heart in ink. It cannot be cultivated as a habit but has to be nurtured and flourished as a passion. I love writing. Or maybe I would love to say I ”live” writing. Because I live into a different universe and dimension altogether when I sit with my pen putting down my thoughts. Writing has been my passion since childhood. It always captivated me and left me awe-struck how one can vividly portray the state of one’s mind and heart by the numerous combinations of those 26 letters of the alphabet. I’ve been writing a lot of poetries and proses cause its my way of chasing my instincts, my way of expression, my way of feeling contented. Calling myself a ”Scripturient” would not be an exaggeration. I believe that a writer never writes. A writer bleeds. Every single word by him is a small drop of the giant pool of thoughts meandering a way out from within.
I hope I am successful in portraying my thoughts across making to ponder on the most real things in the most surreal manner.

Thanks and regards,
    ~Sujay Patekar.